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14 Ways to Recharge for The New Year

I have a confession. I am feeling worn out. When I reflect back on this year, it’s no wonder. This has been a year of tremendous personal and professional growth. Much of this growth is intangible. I haven’t won any medals or earned a million dollars. What I have gained is WAY better – purpose, passion, and thoughts of limitless potential. I am closing out on a high note – in a place of confidence, clarity, and control.

Are you feeling worn out? It's time to take a break and Recharge for the New Year via @familysportlife

It’s been a tough year with illness, health issues, and missed goals. But along the way I have learned to enjoy the journey and trust my vision.

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  • Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout Love this list! I am always hoarding my vacation days for some future trip, but this year I'm giving …
  • Dana Have a wonderful recharge, Tara. I'm going to take your advice and follow many of these tips in the next …

5 Ways You Can Restore Balance to Your Busy Weekend

Do you ever feel like your weekends aren’t your own? Errands, chores, birthday parties, playdates, and other “obligations” can really eat away at the time we hope to spend recharging our batteries and restore balance to our busy lives.

5 Ways You Can Restore Balance to Your Busy Weekend via @familysportlife


This summer exposed a serious pain point for me.  I was CRAVING Sundays as a day to rest but the opposite was happening.  I found myself at the mercy of everyone else’s needs specifically my kids.  Their Sunday habit became a never ending refrain of the “I’m boreds.”  This was proceeded by whining about wanting more playdates.  Loathe to schedule one more playdate on top of all the transactional tasks that had to get done, I decided something had to change.  It was time to create new habits.

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  • Tara Newman I hear ya! My fourth grader isn't getting much of a break write now.
  • Tara Newman yes, my kids were like that too. I think when they get a little older that changes. My kids …

Gluten Free Muesli Breakfast Bites

We have a blogging first today! It’s the first time I have someone guest posting for me.  I am very fortunate to have Lindsay from Cotter Crunch here with a recipe.  Since we are not recipe bloggers, I know you will all enjoy the rare occurrence of seeing a recipe.

I have both of Lindsay’s Healthy Bites e-Cookbooks.  Healthy Bites are easy to make, satisfying, and a great gluten-free way to fuel up.  They also get John’s seal of triathlete approval!

Hi there Friends!  My name is Lindsay Cotter and I blog over at Cotter Crunch. I‘m a pro triathlete’s wife, nutrition and fitness consultant, kombucha and wine lover, and Gluten Free cook! It’s funny, this is my blog’s subtitile and yes, it really does describe my life.  But the main reason I blog is support my husband. We’ve created this dream together. A dream to pursue HIS professional triathlon career and I get to play wing man woman, actually it’s Sherpa wife. Either way, I’m by his side.

sherpa kiss



I’d say my best support comes through food and fueling. I’m good at feeding that man, or so I like to think. ☺

In an effort to help James (aka the Kiwi Cotter) fuel properly for pre and post workout, I started making him healthy bites.

What are healthy Bites?

Glad you asked.

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  • lindsay woohoo, thanks kristen!
  • lindsay we use these a lot for on the go breakfast. Let me know if you make them for you and …

December Vision + Goals

With 2015 right around the corner, I am in full steam ahead blog and business planning. Lots of exciting things will be coming to this space including a redesign in January! You will start to see me merge my business, Tara Newman Coaching with this blog still to be called Family Sport Life. With all my brainstorming, I have realized something is distinctly missing from my space. That something is talk about vision + goals. Specifically, my vision + goals.

December Vision and Goals via @familysportlife


Talking about my vision + goals has a many benefits for all of us:

  • It keeps you informed of my direction and plans.  I always want my readers to feel included and clear on my direction.  Trust is some I value and cherish.  You should feel you can trust me, my content, and my products.
  • It will encourage you to share your vision + goals with me.  We can keep each other accountable.
  • I want my readers to see that having a clear vision works.  Clarity is super important to achieve personal success.  Creating vision is daunting for people but it won’t be if we make it a habit.  Something we will get into more deeply on the blog in the coming weeks and months.
  • As a Coach, I guide my clients from thought to action.  I want my readers to see the power of intentional action.
  • I am going to make mistakes like taking on too many goals or getting distracted.  I want this to be a learning opportunity for all of us.
  • Talking about vision, goals, and opportunities is what I do.  It is WHO I am.  This is me operating from a place of authenticity and truth and it feels SO good.

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  • Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout I quit the menu planning posts, too. On one hand, they seemed really specific and almost navel-gazing (I mean, …
  • Tara Newman Sounds like you need a coach my friend! To keep you honest with building in margin :-)

Make Your Triathlon Off Season Count!

If you are a long time reader of this blog, you aren’t surprised the non-triathlete is writing a post on goals for the triathlon off season.  You have likely read our most popular triathlon posts which have been written from my unique perspective as a Sherpa Wife and a Performance Coach.

Make Your Triathlon Off Season Count. Try one of these 5 goals to hone your mental game. via @familysportlife

(c) depositphotos/Maridav

As a Performance Coach I guide clients through exercises and discussion to establish a clear vision, maximize strengths, and develop competencies for unwavering success.  My work with leaders and executives lends itself well to working with athletes. What makes someone successful in the board room (decision making, problem solving, listening, drive for results, etc.) will make you successful on the course.

As many of you approach the off season where physical training schedules are lighter, it’s a good time to focus more intently on the mental aspect of the sport.

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  • Tara Newman I love the train hard, race easy philosophy...I would say that aligns with my husband's thinking (at least in theory). …
  • Marc Davies EXCELLENT blog, and all very true, I am so glad I have my family on board, and it's comforting to …