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Pre-Launch Flash Sale

In a few weeks my new website is going live and I am SO excited.  While it’s not done yet, there is no reason why we can’t party like it is!

I have been working toward this vision for my business for 10 years! 10 years!

I have had to overcome all kinds of hurdles like being a frazzled mom to 2 young kids, surviving a financial shitstorm, health issues and giving everything to my husband’s goal of an Ironman finish.

Now it’s my turn.  I’m comin’ out (sung in my best Diana Ross voice) and we’re gonna celebrate!

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Who’s with me?

This week I am offering a Pre-Launch special where you can get my Power Hour Package for $150! It’s usually $350.

Not only do you get that awesome discount of over 50%, I am also letting you buy up to four sessions.

Want to live with your head in the sand like an ostrich or soar with the sun like a phoenix?

Do you want to:

  • Reconnect with your purpose?
  • Know your priority?
  • Be more productive?
  • Ditch overwhelm?

In 75 minutes you will go from feeling:

  • Unclear of where to take your life, biz, and relationships.
  • Resistant to the next step.
  • Closed off to new opportunities.
  • Like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand.

To feeling:

  • Inspired to take action.
  • Calm.
  • Positively energized.
  • Strong and powerful.
  • Like a phoenix rising with the sun!

It’s totally possible.  I know how to get you the results you crave in this powerful session.

My clients get results. They turn their can’ts into cans. When we’re done, they know where they need to level up.

Here are common results from a Power Hour with me:

  • Ability to redirect negative thoughts.
  • Learn how to conquer fear and anxiety.
  • Immediate actions to get you started.
  • Belief in yourself and your purpose.

So if you’re ready to:

  • Boost your everyday performance and productivity.
  • Start a new career.
  • Take your biz to the next level.
  • Make your health and wellness a priority.
  • Overcome that fear holding you back.
  • PR the big race.
  • Then a Power Hour with me is the best place to start.

We get laser focused on your biggest road block and then we smash through it.

Most high performing athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs have coaches and now you can too. I do!

What you get:

  • 1-75 minute session.
  • Discussion and coaching around ONE challenge.
  • Follow up with custom action plan.
  • One week unlimited email.

You + me + your biggest pain point

We will uncover the real reason why you are struggling in your life, relationships, career or business. Then we strategize a few quick actions you can implement immediately to create momentum.


My laser focused Power Hour is yours for $150 and you can buy up to 4 sessions.

Power Hour Sessions

**Sale ends 2/28 so chop chop! Take action today.

***Email coordinating sessions details will be sent within 24 hours.

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  • Kristen This is so exciting, can't wait to see your business grow!
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12 Ways to Focus on Your Goals (The Triathlete Way)

While I am not a triathlete, I live with and love a triathlete. I am immersed in this dream big and do hard things lifestyle. I observe my husband (and my clients) commit to triathlon like it’s their job.

12 Ways to focus on your goals (the triathlete way)

As a personal performance coach and the wife of a triathlete, I have a unique perspective on how to focus on audacious goals.

In our 20’s when the living was uncomplicated (read no house and kids), goal achievement came easily. To be honest, we weren’t big dreamers back then. We were methodical planners – finish grad school, get married, get high paying job, buy house, have kids. We were rule followers and didn’t think much about challenging the status quo.

Goals that don’t challenge the status quo don’t require too much focus.


After we obtained the obligatory milestones our generation had set as the standard, we sat back and thought “Is this it?”

We weren’t completely satisfied.

The wiser me knows I didn’t really achieve MY goals. I achieved society’s goals.

Throughout our 30’s we have tested dreaming big and we will continue to push our limits as we cruise into our 40’s.

Here’s what we’ve learned along the way:

  • How to organize ourselves and our family.
  • How to enjoy the journey. the destination is just a pit stop for the next adventure.
  • How to be confident in the path we chose.
  • How to support each other on this wild and crazy ride called life.

We’ve learned that your MOST audacious goals require FOCUS.

John’s pursuit of an Ironman finish in 2014 was our most focused attempt at a goal so hairy, it was muppet-like.

Watching my husband endure long training sessions, work full-time (including a job change), and be present with our family gave me the opportunity to take detailed notes on his success.

Pin this for later.

Here are 12 Ways to Focus On Your Goals (The Triathlete Way):

Make it your SOUL purpose.

If your goal doesn’t resonate with you on a DEEP level, it’s not the right goal.

Know your why and connect with it daily.

Not sure what your WHY is or WHY it’s important, watch this. Connect with it by writing it down, posting it in your car, create a vision board that communicate your WHY.

Communicate your purpose to the most important people.

You need support to help you stay focused. The people you want to support you need to understand what you are doing and why it’s important. Give them a role in your dream.

Get buy-in from key stakeholders (i.e. your family!).

Give your family an opportunity to be a part of your plan. We sit down as a family every year and give input on John’s race calendar.  Even with buy-in, it’s not always easy.

Pick one outcome goal.

Pick one goal that will shift your life in a different direction be specific about the results you want to achieve. Set a revenue amount for your biz, a timeframe to receive the big raise, or the date you want to leave your job.

Create milestones along the way.

Chunking the goal up into milestones or smaller performance goals creates momentum and motivation. These goals are more flexible than your outcome goal.

Process goals.

Process goals give you the details of how you will complete your outcome goal. These answer who, what, where, when, to make up the HOW.

Set a completion date.

When we set a big goal, we have a natural tendency to resist achieving it. I know. This sounds crazy but it’s true. The thing standing between you and the completion of your crazy, awesome goal is fear. Be brave and set that date! Are you an app lover? Download a countdown app to keep track of those completion dates.

Understand the concept of marginal gains.

You want to achieve epic badassery? Take baby steps. Between the time John declared his Ironman intentions and the time he ran down the finishing shoot, there was 18 months of itty bitty steps. Read this.

Identify the tradeoffs you will need to make.

We frequently get the question “how do you do it all?” And my answer is always the same. We don’t. If it doesn’t align with our values and vision for our family, it doesn’t happen.

Outsource as much of your life as you can afford.

Little things like using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program to eliminate errands and having a cleaning crew come twice a month can free up a lot of time. Even when we were broke, we prioritized the cleaning person even if it was once a month.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

No good will come of this so just don’t do it. If you start to feel like you are falling into the comparison trap, focus on gratitude for your unique-ness.

How do you keep focused on your goals?

Learn more about how I help my clients accomplish big, purposeful things (and be Zen about it).

Interested in working together? Sign up for a free 30 minute Discovery Session to find out if we are a good fit!

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Dream Big, Be You: January Lessons in Life + Biz

January has been a dream big month for me.

For the last nine years I’ve been holding the status quo. I have been raising my two littles.

For the last four years, I have been supporting my husband while he fulfills his triathlon dreams.

I love my role as mom and wife but there has been a building force within me to stop playing small when it comes to MY success.

Dream Big.  Be You. Lessons in Life + Biz. via @familysportlife

It’s time for ME to dream big.

After John finished Ironman Lake Placid, I knew it was time to reconnect with the person I was before I had kids. The person who set big goals and achieved them.

I love those little buggers. They have forever changed me. They are my why. They are the reason I want to play bigger.

SO, It is time to put myself first and go after my most audacious goals.

I am ready.

With a clear vision, I jumped into January with no plan but lots of action.

It’s been a blur of all things that come with entrepreneurship.

Coaching contracts. Appointment scheduling. Paypal invoicing. Web design. Course development. Marketing. Systemization. Networking and A LOT of lessons learned.

And you know what?

I have loved every single minute of it.

The highs of “going all in” have been so high and the lows have provided needed perspective for growth.

Dream Big, Be You: January Lessons in Life + Biz


I have become obsessed with fear. Finding it, exposing it, and facing it head on.

Understanding my resistance and where it is coming from has helped me become more productive and effective.

It’s intoxicating to do what scares the heck out of you.


Try it.

Ask yourself “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Letting go.

This month has been an emotional and spiritual cleansing. A lot of mental clutter had to go. As parents, we hold on to an inordinate about of responsibility, worry, and anxiety about our children.

I have worked to find the faith in my ability to parent and trust that everything is as it should be.

Let go of the mundane worries that won’t matter six months from now.

I assure you, it is possible.

Trust that all is well in your life.


This month I have focused on my strengths. It has allowed me to move past my fears, let things go, and better understand the value I bring to my clients.

I see so many of us focusing on what we don’t do well or trying to improve our weaknesses. This is both negative and time consuming.

Focusing on your strengths empowers you and saves resources (i.e. time, money, energy).

Be grateful for your strengths and all they do for you.


This is not just about spending money on myself. Anyone can go out and buy a new pair of jeans or fancy running shoes.

This is about taking a large sum of money and concentrating it on THE ONE THING that will move me closer to my vision. This is about owning my worth and making a commitment to go after what I want the most.

It is scary as hell.

You know what is scarier?

The status quo.

To sum this up…

Have the courage to go after your big, hairy, audacious goals.

Challenge your status quo.

Take a chance on you.

Have faith in yourself.

Do epic scary shit.

What lessons in life + biz have you learned in January?


PS. Are you ready for my new website yet? I AM!

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From Stuck to Inspired + On Fire: A Personal Case Study

From Stuck to Inspired + On Fire

Do you ever have times in your life where you feel stuck or uninspired?

And then there are times when you feel powerful beyond measure.

Then, there are the majority of days spent feeling “ho hum.” You are grateful you don’t feel powerless but not quite able to connect with your mojo.

Man have I been there! Mojo-less, without umpf, coasting by daydreaming about how someday I will step into my greatness. You know, when all the stars and moons and rainbows align.

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

My clients have been here. My friends have been here. My social media feed has been here – mocking themselves “why can’t they get their sh** together?”

The other day, I conducted a mini experiment for my From Stuck to Unstoppable Workshop. I asked my social followers “what are the reasons you are feeling stuck or adrift in your career, biz, life, or relationships?”

I received a lot of “I don’t knows.”

Does this sound like you?

As a coach, I recognize the words “I don’t know” for what they are.  Resistance.  Yes, I realize it is weird to resist unsticking ourselves.  It seems that what we want the most also scares us the most.

We all experience resistance. Opportunities to resist our power, strength and greatness are everywhere.  We procrastinate.  We scroll endlessly through our Facebook feeds.  We tell ourselves we need more planning before we can take action.  We care too much about what others think of us.  We shrug, say “I don’t know”, and redirect our attention to someplace less meaningful.

But let’s get back to our moments of lost mojo. Times when we feel stuck, adrift, like we are waffling, uninspired, or unmotivated.

Let’s use me as a case study.

Here are some times in my life when I’ve felt stuck and the fears that accompanied those times:

Between college and grad school: I realized my dream of becoming a Clinical Psychologist had changed. I felt like I had just dumped four years of hard efforts down the drain. Fear: Not knowing who I was anymore.

Staying in a stressful job with an insane commute: Everything about this job was wrong. I toughed it out until I couldn’t. In my head I broke a lot of rules when I quit and I was jobless. Fear: Not being good enough to get another job.

Being a new mom of two: Adding my second child to the family amped up my anxiety, negative thoughts, fatigue, and feelings of not good enough. To say it paralyzed me would be an understatement. Fear: So many fears but fear of losing myself or never being me again.

Any time I want to go to the next level in my life:  Taking that next step is overwhelming. It is usually a time where we have to break old patterns and create new habits. Fear: the fear of failure, success, not being good enough, looking silly, being visible, and investing in myself are just a few I have experienced.

So, what’s a go-getter to do?

Awareness and acceptance are always the first two steps to change. After that, it’s up to you to figure out how you are going to create new habits to support your journey.

Stuck to Inspired + On Fire: 5 Ways to get there!

Believe you can.

Whatever you are trying to achieve, believe you can and you will.

Find joy.

Identify what brings you joy and do it every day. This will aid in keeping your mindset in a positive place.

Get organized.

Organization and uncluttering creates space for you to focus your energy on your deepest desires. It makes room for other things to come into your life.

Do less.

Hone in on what you want and dump everything else. Let go of the drudgery, tasks, and people that leave you feeling uninspired.

Invest in yourself.

The most important part of investing in yourself is making it a priority. Whether it’s an online course, a coach, working with a mentor, or reading a book, it is time set aside just for you. Nothing catapults you to the next level like shelling out some cash to improve you! Trust me. In the last two months, I forked over close to FIVE figures in upgrades for me and my business.

Whether you are feeling ho-hum, stuck, or like you have misplaced your mojo, I know something about you.

You are powerful beyond measure.

So, I will ask again.

What are the reasons you feel stuck or have felt stuck in your life?

PS. I have 4 spots left in my workshop.  If you want a spot, register today.  I promise you a wildly good time with LOADS of personal attention!

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How to Get Shiz Done and Be Zen About It!


I was asked this question on a podcast: “How do you get shit done and still be Zen?” I was immediately in disbelief that someone thought this recovering Type A, born and raised New Yorker was Zen (you can listen to my accent below!).

In all seriousness, I have done a lot of work on myself and made some hefty investments to get to a place of mindfulness and intention. While it’s hard for me to consider myself Zen, I do consider myself purpose-driven.

My effectiveness starts with how I define productivity.

For me, productivity is NOT getting “all the things” done. Productivity is about getting the “right” things done.

When you know what the “right” things are, you can begin to focus on the critical few. This focus does have a Zen-like feel to it. Getting things done and being in a calm state of flow are not mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, I get far more done when I feel harmonious then when I feel frenzied.

A few years ago my coaching on this subject would have looked wildly different. I would have told you to color code a to do list and barked rapid fire task management strategies at you like I was productivity’s version of Jillian Michaels.

With more years experience at balancing a family of big dreaming go-getters, work, and life my secret recipe for getting shit done has changed dramatically. Aimlessly checking off boxes not longer does it for me.

A Recipe for Success:

I have a lot of recipes for peacefully nailing tasks and goals. Like a cook has more than one way to make a hearty chili. You can consider this my most basic technique.

Make self-care a priority:

For me this means getting a FULL night sleep hours (at least 8 hours), hydrating, fueling with real food, and having a morning routine that gives me energy for the day.

  • How do I define self-care?
  • What are my favorite activities to help me relax?
  • Where can I find those onto my weekly calendar?

Get clear on your values and vision:

Aligning your goals and actions with your values makes it easier to determine what gets done and what doesn’t get a second thought. It’s either a heck yes or a heck no.

  • What are my top 3-5 values?
  • Define each value in your own words. Ex. If you value happiness, what does happiness mean to you?

Have a system in place for dealing with overwhelm:

Even when you are rocking your morning routine and aligning with your values feelings of overwhelm can set in.

  • On a scale from 1-10, how overwhelmed do I feel right now?
  • What small action can I take to move me from that number to a lower number?

Three tips to help you gitter done and feel more tranquil:

Go ahead, press play!

What’s your surefire way to get shiz done and be Zen about it?

PS. Need help staying true to your values and vision in this crazy busy world?

Have no fear, I’m your girl. Check out my From Stuck to Unstoppable Virtual Workshop where we take you from feeling overwhelmed to supercharged in six weeks.

And the best news…you can do it from the comfort of your home (fuzzy bathrobe and bunny slippers not included).

Hurray up! Don’t wait, it starts February 2.

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  • Tara Newman Zen is relative right? And I am also convinced it can be genetic :-)
  • Tara Newman I am here when you need me - we can pull you back from that dangerous line in no time.