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I’m a personal performance coach, mom of two, and the Sherpa-wife of an ironman triathlete.  I believe in challenging the status quo, finding joy, and making life count.

I’m making a difference in my clients’ lives by helping them redefine balance, pull their shit together, and start not only setting goals but actually achieving them.  By carving out space and time to focus on what really matters to them the most, they start to feel like the go-getters they really are – as parents, athletes, employees or entrepreneurs.

My clients often describe me as their dream holder, permission giver, acknowledger, encourager, accountability partner, and a negative thought crushing ninja – I’m totally cool with that.


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We aren't always instructed properly on how we should go about living a happy life. From childhood most of us aren't instructed properly on how to live and as we get older we can become lost.


Our job is to make it over that mountain and come out happy and successful. There is no excuses to be miserable we can all change our lives.


Tuesday, 07 February 2017 / Published in Self-help

Once the first spark of romance has passed, it generally takes a little more effort to keep that sense of love and passion alive. However, there are numerous ways to reconnect with each other and put some life back into your relationship.


1. Take your partner on a random date and have some couple time.

Even if you have known your partner for a long period, you should make an effort to go out on a date together every once in a while. Arrange to meet somewhere, arrive separately and find out about each other all over again. Maintaining that element of surprise in your relationship keeps things alive and flourishing and recreating your first date scenario reminds you of what attracted you to each other in the first place.


2. Ensure you communicate effectively.

Simple communication is the basis of a successful relationship. Turn off the television, put down your book and just have a chat with your significant other. Talk about how your day was, exciting plans you have for the day or week ahead, and common interests. But, remember that you probably need to take time out to do this, as busy lifestyles often mean you miss out on time like this unless you consciously set some aside. Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship, so include it in everyday life.


Communication can take other forms asides from talking. Most people enjoy receiving a thoughtful letter or email and something as personal as this can make a big difference; so why not make that special someone’s day. Listening is just as important as talking, therefore, if one of you has something you need to say – no matter how trivial it may seem – then the other needs to take the time and listen properly.


3. Spend some time apart.

In a similar vein, spending time apart is equally as important as spending quality time together. Allowing time apart and a little bit of space from each other helps to get the best out of your relationship – and as always, it gives you something different and interesting to talk about at the end of the day.


4. Appreciate your partner’s efforts.

Remembering to show gratitude to your partner is another simple relationship improving tactic. It is second nature to thank strangers or work colleagues, but it’s easy to forget to do the same for your partner. A small gesture of thanks goes a long way and often it is the simple things in relationships that keep everything in check.


5. Work to better your relationship.

An intimate relationship is essentially a partnership so make sure you always work as a team. Therefore, don’t blame each other for things that may have gone wrong. By all means, recognise your mistakes or downfalls, but use this realisation as a positive and work together to move on and improve the future.


Regardless if you have been in a relationship for years or if you’ve only just started dating, remember this advice. If you put as much energy and determination into making your existing relationship work as you would put into a new relationship, then you could be onto a good thing.





Friday, 27 January 2017 / Published in Self-help
Self help

What are the ways I can improve my life?

1) Get healthy – Being unfit and eating unhealthy food can have a negative impact on your life. Release stress and feel good by exercising regularly. A 15 to 30 minutes a day excercise will make a big difference to your energy levels. Quit an unhealthy lifestyle – alcohol, caffeine and smoking will have a negative impact in the long term. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and less salty, sugary foods.

2) Get mentally strong – Quit negative and anxious thinking. Become aware how you can positively affect your state of mind by not giving energy to negative or anxious thoughts. Start a meditation practice to clear your mind and find contentment.

3) Stop comparing yourself to others –You will feel inadequate and depressed if you spend time wishing you were more like others. Appreciate what you are and what you have instead.

4) Spend time doing things you enjoy – Find a hobby or pastime that you can look forward to and focus on. It will give you a sense of purpose and boost your energy levels.

5) Improve your social life – Mix with people you respect and who respect you. Do not hang out with losers, they will bring you down. End relationships that are going nowhere. Choose your friends and spouse wisely. An unhappy marriage will make life difficult. Having a good bunch of friends will bring you satisfaction.


Keeping the Faith

One of the main reasons that people fail in their personal development endeavors is that they have trouble staying focused. Focusing on your goals is essential to your success. Inspirational sayings and motivational videos can help you stay on task.

You can read inspiring quotes several times throughout the day. You can find them almost anywhere on the internet as there are hundreds of personal growth websites online. Be sure that you only get membership to solid and reputable sites with tips on how to be successful.


Pick Yourself Up

It is important that you realize that you will more than likely come across roadblocks when using self help to improve your life. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated without feeling like a failure is to go back to your favorite inspirational message.

You can copy them and place these helpful words all over your home, office and even your car. This way you can read sayings that will motivate you anytime and anywhere you go. Nearly every program on how to be successful suggests do this.


Grabbing the Brass Ring

Wisdom for success: Each time that you achieve a small goal, milestone or even a big objective, you should begin to set new goals. New wants and needs will occur throughout your life. With the use of inspiring sayings and motivational videos, you will surely have a better chance of achieving each and every one of them.



Your happiness is in your hands. No one else can make you happy you need to make that step on your own. Have the courage to succeed.


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