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Our Trader Joe’s Shopping List|September

Our Trader Joes Shopping List September via @familysportlife #traderjoes I know you were expecting a meal plan today but it is the first week of school for us! Anything goes this week (within reason).  When I wrote 7 Practical Solutions for Back to School Problems for Michelle of A Dish of Daily Life, I suggested freezer meals or crockpot meals for back to school.  Confession – I rarely do either of those things.  I am far more likely to wing it or eat leftovers or make some eggs.  While I am more comfortable with a plan, on my busiest weeks I like to remain flexible and practice non-judgement of myself.

Knowing full well we are winging it this week, we prepared accordingly when we went grocery shopping.  We do all our grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and the local farmer’s market.  Here are some of the items that made it into my grocery cart:

  1. Coconut Cream – it’s a staple in our house.  A good source of healthy fats, coconut cream finds it’s way into our smoothies, breakfasts, treats, and soups. Smoothie for dinner anyone?
  2. Organic Jasmine Rice (frozen) – This is a microwaveable bag that is ready in 3 minutes.  Great for throwing together a quick bowl.  Rice, vegetable, protein, and your favorite sauce or dressing.
  3. Plenty of veggies including bagged spinach – It takes seconds to water sautee up a bag of spinach.  Add it to your bowl or put it on top of some chicken.
  4. Pre-cooked beets – I love me some beets but they can be a pain to make sometimes.  For lunch yesterday I sauteed up some spinach, chopped up these beets, tossed in some Lemon Pepper Chicken (see #5) added Goddess Dressing (#6) and hot sauce.  BOOM!
  5. Lemon Pepper Chicken – this is pre-cooked and marinated.  So easy to dice up and throw in a salad.
  6. Goddess Dressing – this is our “go to” way to add quick flavor (and sriaracha).
  7. Almond Butter – I MUCH prefer peanut butter BUT Trader Joe’s makes some of the best almond butter out there.  We will probably throw some of this on top of a sweet potato and call it dinner one night.  Maybe a drizzle of honey and some hemp seeds on top.
  8. Spanakopita (frozen) – this one is for The A Team.  It’s one of the only ways I can get them to eat spinach so I will take it where I can get it!
  9. Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets – another one for The A Team but really, who doesn’t like a good chicken nugget? These are a new item so if you haven’t seen them yet, ask when they will be in your store.

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What does your grocery list look like when you “wing it?”


Previous Week’s Meal Plans

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  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy Coconut cream is also a staple in our house! Glad it's #1 on your list. It's so hard to find …
  • Ana Lynn Nothing wrong with chicken nuggets here and there. Or fish sticks. Or curly fries for that matter. Yeah, sometimes I …

5 Lessons Learned from My First Ironman

5 Lessons Learned (2)I may have set my expectations for Ironman Lake Placid, my first 140.6, a little higher than they should have been.  I missed my goal time by quite a bit, but still had a successful day and an incredible experience.  Recently, I was listening to a Lewis Howes Podcast where his guest, Jordan Harbinger, spoke about an interaction he had with an elite Navy SEAL member.  Here is the quote:

“When you can’t meet your level of expectation, you default to your level of training”

This is a profound statement that allowed me to evaluate my Ironman experience and extract a few key lessons from that extraordinary day.  Here is what I learned.

Lesson #1: Strength Is Just As Important As Endurance

A decade of participation, research and training in endurance sports was trumped, knowledge-wise, by the most difficult twelve hours and twenty minutes of my life.  My conclusion; it all came down to STRENGTH.  Not mental, I had that.  Good old fashioned physical strength.  Carrying bricks and lifting steel strength.  The kind of strength our ancestors had (and needed) just to get through a typical day.  The type of strength I lacked on July 27th. Read more

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  • John Burns Great article, John. #4 resonates with me, as I focused significantly more on my swim in preparation for Buffalo …
  • Kim Even though I have absolutely zero plans of ever doing a triathlon of any distance, I found this very interesting …

Tips for Improving Your Organization TODAY – BAM!

I feel like I am on a blog tour this week.  Yesterday, I was over at A Dish of Daily Life sharing 7 Practical Solutions for Back to School Problems and TODAY I am over at Brooklyn Active Mama (BAM) sharing Tips to Improve Your Organization.  I am truly honored to be asked to guest at both of these blogger’s homes.

If you have never had the pleasure of visiting Nellie at Brooklyn Active Mama, you are missing out.  Nellie is fabulous and my kind of people.  She writes about Fitness, Family, Fashion, and Fun.  She is a full-time work outside the home mama + blogger + a real life fitness inspiration.  Nellie has a great feature on Wednesday called Weekly Wednesday Workout where she spotlights a strength move that can be easily incorporated into your workout.

I am closing comments here today because I will be hanging out at BAM today.

5 Tips to Improve Your Your Organization Today at Brooklyn Active Mama via @familysportlife #organization

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14 Fresh Ideas to Organize Your Family for Back to School

14 Fresh Ideas to Organize Your Family for Back to School via @familysportlife #organization #parenting #backtoschool #productivityIn exactly one week my littles will be hopping on the big yellow school bus and on their way to meeting new friends and learning new things.  Our teacher assignments are in and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  We have been blessed with teachers who are creative, compassionate, and have buckets full of enthusiasm…just like The A Team.  Even with all this excitement, I am consumed by the nervous energy that accompanies transitions.  While things are still a little unsettled, I have been busying myself with organizing “all the things.”  We are going through a semi-annual purge of our belongings trying to be as nimble as we can.  But it’s not just about organizing things this time of year.  As parents, we have to be able to organize people too.  This week I am spending my time reviewing my time-tested people organization processes – tips, hacks, and best practices.

Today I am over at Michelle Nahom’s blog, A Dish of Daily Life talking about 7 Practical Solutions for Back-to-School Problems.  These solutions are my learnings over the last few years as the Mom of two school-aged children crafted from my 15 years of corporate experience as an organizational strategist.  If you are new to Michelle’s blog, I encourage you to stick around and check out some of her fabulous, real food recipes.  She is the busy Mom of three ACTIVE teenagers and focuses on simple recipes.  If you are a food blogger or someone who likes recipes, check out her Foodie Fridays link up!

If you are new to Family Sport Life, we are a blog about helping people perform their best by providing simple solutions for everyday life.  We focus on a holistic approach to healthy living that not only includes what we eat and how we move but how we live with more intention through better organization and increased productivity.

Here are 14 Fresh Ideas to Organize Your Family for Back to School:


5 Ways to Mentally Prepare Your Children for Back to School

Practical Communication Tips to Build Healthy Relationships

5 Things I Have Learned About Motivating Children

Life is a Team Sport

SuperMom is Dead.  I Killed Her.

5 Healthy Habits for Kids

Getting Organized for the Week Ahead Series:

Getting Organized for the Week Ahead

How to Gain More Focus for the Week Ahead

Why We Need to Write Things Down

How to Conquer a Chaotic Week

5 Tips to Help You Delegate (like a BOSS!)

How to Create a Weekly Template

23 Reasons I Can’t Live Without Evernote

6 Everyday Lean Manufacturing Principles for the Home

I think this post could be beneficial for many parents, please help me get this resource out to others by pinning it on Pinterest and sharing it on Facebook.  Thanks!  Wishing you all an exceptional school year.

What are your favorite tips, tricks, and hacks for organizing your family?

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  • Kristen I wish I would have seen some of these before school started. SOOO helpful! Heading over to read your guest …
  • lindsay you guys are like the super moms! i so need to learn from you... one day.. with little kiwis. haha

Meal Plan Inspiration|August 24, 2014

Meal Plan Inspiration via @familysportlife

Jumping in here super speedy like to give our meal plan for the week.  Big A has a junior triathlon this morning so we are out cheering on all the aspiring triathletes!  My favorite part is when they call the kids in for the race briefing and don’t let the parents in the meeting.  What a great way to foster autonomy and build self-confidence in these kids.



This is the week before school starts so I am keeping it light and easy around here.  We have a few things we need to get done but other than that we are setting ourselves up for a successful back to school week.  Light and easy means a unbelievably simple meal plan.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.

A large part of this menu was created by The A Team.

Meal Plan Inspiration:

Sunday: Baked Chili Lime Salmon + Broccoli + Baked Potato.

Monday: Pizza Frittata.  This looks awesome!  Looks easy to modify into whatever your favorite pizza toppings are and omit cheese if needed. Hoping this works for the kids.

Tuesday: Balsamic Chicken with Salad.

Wednesday: Some kind of fish rice bowl.  We are trying fish from Sizzlefish this week.  For our first order we picked the omega pack with two kinds of Salmon and Sablefish.  I was looking for a white fish alternative to cod and have been enjoying the hearty texture of the Sablefish. While I haven’t done a formal review of their product, Gigi from Gigi Eats Celebrities has and it is a must watch!

Thursday: Make your own dinner PLEASE! Let’s see how this goes.

Friday: Take out.  Big A is negotiating for Lobster dinner on the back deck.  This kid has expensive taste!

Saturday: Steak + Green Beans + Sweet Potato

Do you have a favorite EASY recipe? Leave it in the comments below.

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  • Tara Newman Axel - I don't have the answer for anxious/nervous parents...I am one! Figuring that out is like the Holy …
  • Axel (@ Iron Rogue) Sure, briefing the kids independently breeds autonomy... what about anxious/nervous parents? ;-)