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Tame Your Busy ( and Take Control of Your Life)

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller

I love the advice from this wise, class-cutting, rebellious teen. It always comes to mind when I have to remind myself to tame my busy.

I’m not one of these #banbusy people. If you’re busy with the right things, busy can be good.

If you use busy as an excuse for why you aren’t getting to your higher level goals, busy isn’t so good.

Tame Your Busy

That fast paced, task driven pursuit of whatever you hope to achieve can be draining and counter-productive.  Busy is often a barrier to clarity and purposeful action.

When my clients first come to me they feel stuck, uninspired, and frazzled. Some are desperate for change. Many don’t know where they want to be five years from now.

They are too busy with the day to day transactional stuff that comes with being an entrepreneur, parent, or professional.


They are on the right path but are way too distracted by all the shiny things to notice.

I’m speaking from experience folks.

I’m no stranger to dialing a course into auto pilot and moving at a break neck pace to nowhere. It’s taken me consistent practice over time to be able to pull myself out of the nose dive.

It starts with creating awareness around how you are feeling.

How do you feel when you’re sucked into being over busy?




Overly Sensitive.

Slightly hysterical.

Fatigued – mentally and physically.

(If I’ve missed something, share it below in the comments!)

This weekend I was feeling just this way. As I sat in my big comfy chair reading and decompressing, I started to mind map ways to tame your busy. Ways you can live with greater clarity and control.

11 Ways to Tame Your Busy + Take Back Control of Your Life:

  1. Give yourself permission to press pause.
  2. Soothe your soul (i.e. take a bath, pick up a coloring book, hug your family, go for a walk).
  3. Connect with how you want to feel instead of how you do feel.
  4. Consider the problem is something else and that busy is a symptom.
  5. Remind yourself that when you say yes to others, you say no to yourself.
  6. Control what you can and let go of what you can’t.
  7. Set a goal to incorporate more self care into your day/week/month.
  8. Instead of thinking about doing less, think about doing MORE of what brings you joy.
  9. People struggle with saying no. Reframe it. Instead of saying no, identify what is a HECK YES.
  10. Feeling overwhelm or busy is a choice.
  11. Identify the fear. What’s stopping you from taming your busy? My guess is that it’s FOMO (fear of missing out).
When you tame your busy, you create the time, space, and energy to pursue your purpose.

How do you know it’s time to tame your busy? What are the warning signs?

Looking for the support you need to gain clarity, take action, and win at life and business? Join my private Facebook community.

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  • Dana Number 6 is big for me - letting go of what I can't control. That's when my busy drives me …
  • Allie I've done a MUCH better job of taming my busy, saying no and making decisions that are best for me …

From Uninspired to Awesome: A Case Study

Do you want to go from uninspired to awesome?

How about from tired to taking charge?

That’s just what my client Sarah Kerner did in group coaching!

Not only did Sarah find a way to super charge her success, her peers did too.  The level of peer interaction in this last round of From Stuck to Unstoppable (FSTU) was purely amazing.

Friendships were forged.

Support and compassion were abundant.

My clients experienced DRAMATIC results which could not have been predicted at the beginning.


Uninspired to Awesome

This is Sarah’s story.

I signed up for FSTU because even though an outside observer would probably say that I have a happy, successful life, there are a few areas of my life that just weren’t working.

Does this sound familiar?

I often ended my days feeling tired and frazzled, frustrated that I had somehow reached age 35 without figuring out how to be a “real” adult that can manage a job, kids, marriage, a house, hobbies, and volunteer responsibilities.

Uninspired or awesome. You choose.

From the first week of the class, Tara guided us through a series of written exercises that were challenging but extremely eye-opening about how many of my problems are truly within my control if I’m willing to make the necessary changes.

Group dynamics rock

The group also provided near daily support and encouragement through a private Facebook group. Even though each person going through the course has their own issues to work through, we were all passing through the same type of transformation. Watching the other class members challenge themselves and make big changes in their own lives was inspiring and pushed me to be brave and share the hard things in my life that I wanted to work on.

Purpose, priority, and productivity

Working through the exercises brought clarity to what’s really important in my life. I tend to be interested in every new thing that comes along, and Tara really pushed me to identify my priorities and encouraged me to focus fully on those things.

For example, I’ve kept a personal blog for almost 10 years, posting between 1-3 times a week. I never made any money from it, but it was a fun way to stay in touch with friends and a creative outlet to write about my hobbies and interests.

During an exercise in which we compared an actual day to our ideal day, I realized that I was spending precious free time in the evenings working on my blog when it didn’t bring me closer to my husband, make me a better parent, or advance my career.

Why was I doing this, anyway?

I wrote my last blog post on February 23 and it was such a freeing experience.

Individualized attention

Tara is an extremely supportive and generous coach. She is always ready with a new challenge for participants who are ready to take a next step, and she is not afraid to call you out if you’ve been quiet for a few days or you are stuck in a negative frame of mind about an issue.

From tired to taking charge

When I signed up, I never would have guessed that six weeks later I would be giving my husband daily hugs, quitting my blog, switching up my volunteering schedule at church, or trying out meditation apps.

Are you in?

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to make changes in their life, but isn’t sure where to get started. Maybe you’re not even sure what the changes should be — that’s okay.

Tara has an amazing talent for bringing out the best in people.

What part of Sarah’s story resonates with you?

From Stuck to Unstoppable launches again in April.  Stay tuned for early sign up bonuses and other cool stuff.

Want to join my inner circle?

I’ve just created a (closed) Facebook group for my tribe! Coaching, mentoring, support, challenges, exclusive offers, and more.  Join us!

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  • Nicole Liloia It's amazing what changes in our lives when we let go of things we think we "need" to do!!
  • Tara Newman I saw a meme somewhere where with someone hiding under the covers saying "I don't want to adult today." …

How to Invest in Yourself With Confidence

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined – Henry David Thoreau

Are you someone who finds investing in yourself terrifying?

I do too.

Investing in myself isn’t anything new but every time I do it I feel slightly nauseated. Even though I know finding my DIScomfort zone is key to moving myself forward.

How to invest in yourself

As a coach, I get loads of questions on the subject.

Will it make a difference?

Will it be worth the money I am spending?

Can I get the result I want?

That’s the thing. There are no guarantees.

Coaching brings about dynamic changes that none of us can predict when we begin our journey.


Every time John or I want to up level our lives, we make investments that are just outside our comfort zone.  And then we work to get the results we want.

After my son was born, I took an interest in wellness and invested in a health coach.

I wanted to get John on-board so we invested in a health coach who came to our house and showed us how to prepare and cook healthier meals.

Our list over the years has become endless as we challenge the status quo.

For the 18 months leading up to Ironman Lake Placid John trained with a coach.

I hired a running coach for a hilly 10K I wanted to tackle.

One day I was sitting on the pool deck…

I watched my kids in their swim lesson. I was envious. I had wanted to improve my swimming. So, instead of re-enrolling them, I signed myself up for 8 weeks.

Have you ever thought about how you don’t bat an eyelash to pay for your children’s enrichment but often deny your own?

After that I was more conscious about spreading our resources so each family member could experience growth.

Personal development is integral to your success.

We have found hiring coaches saves time, money, and energy when wanting to advance to the next level. It eliminates frustration, loneliness, and fatigue that comes with learning new things.

No time or money?

No problem.

I get it. Most of our investments were made when we were dead broke. We aren’t broke anymore because we made the right investments in ourselves.

Time constraints will always exist. If you are struggling to find the time, I completely understand.

When you are ready, time becomes abundant.

You wanna know my secrets?

Keep reading…

How to invest in yourself with confidence:

  • Have a vision for where you want to go.
  • Identify the gap – what do you need to get to where you want to go (i.e. gear, knowledge, skills, support, money, etc)
  • Pick the ONE thing that will get you closest to your goal the fastest.
  • Create self-development plan and list any courses, books, or coaching you wan to take.
  • Pick an amount of money that is slightly uncomfortable for you and work with that.

Not sure how to find the money…

  • Read The Secret and learn about the Law of Attraction. This is not new age bullshit. It works.
  • Identify how much money you need to aid in your higher and greater good.
  • Declare your intention to have it.
  • Write (yes, write it) down your intention, the date by which you need the money and what you will be using it for.

Now you have to make it happen by taking intentional action.

  • Sell things you no longer use. I do this often. You can read about it in The Art of Uncluttered Living.
  • Find something you are good at and turn it into a service.
  • Ask for whatever you want to invest in as a gift.
  • If there is a financial upside to the investment, take a loan.
  • Look for coupons, discounts, raffles, beta programs, etc.
  • Cook all your meals instead of eating out.
  • Call all your service providers and ask for the new customer discount.
  • Focus on gratitude and abundance.

Investments Pay Forward

Big A (age 9) is entrepreneurial and he is always searching for his next big idea. While driving to school today we were talking about his latest vision to run a door-to-door car wash service.

He talked about gaining the trust of his customers. Big A’s plan is to offer discounted washes for people he knows and have them write reviews of his service.

We spoke in detail about what goes into pricing and communicating the value he will deliver.

This conversation would not have happened if I hadn’t been working on these things myself (with a coach). This knowledge transfer is priceless.

Investing in yourself allows you to:

  • Amplify your strengths.
  • Accept yourself as you are.
  • Overcome any barriers holding you back.
  • Live more authentically.

How can you invest in yourself today (time, money, energy, etc.)?

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  • Tara Newman Hi Caryn - I am glad this post resonated with you. I listened to The Secret on audio and …
  • Caryn This post is very motivating for me. It's like a checklist on how to move forward in life. I watched …

Dream Big, Be You: February Lessons in Life + Biz

Do you know what people forget when they dream big? They forget to do the work. At some point we have to pull ourselves out of the sky and put our boots on the ground. That’s what February was for me – bringing the dream big mentality back down to earth.


I’m not gonna lie, it’s so much more fun to dream big and plan than to take action. Especially when you are a solopreneur or when you’re bootstrapping. Everything that needs doing requires your attention.

Remember silly putty?

That’s what I felt like this month stretched to the point where I could break.

Instead of breaking, I tried to go back to my roots in organization and productivity. I wanted to ensure I was using my time efficiently and effectively.

I was marginally successful.

I found plenty of ways to distract myself. I spent WAY too much time on social media and it had a negative impact on my mindset and performance.

The reality is that while a lot of my business is on-line, I have many strategies for growth. As much as we want to think business is all about on-line marketing, it still comes down to relationship building off-line.

In life + biz, relationships matter. Cultivate them with care.

While this was perhaps my biggest take away, I am fortunate to have others.

Here are my February Lessons in Life + Biz:

Stay in your own lane.

Whether you are looking to be more successful in your life or biz, for goodness sake focus on your own stuff! Your purpose is authentic to you, it has your spin on it from your unique perspective. This world needs more real and authentic people.

Focus on what’s most important to you.

Not sure what that is?



Last month I invested in my second business coach. I didn’t have the money to pay her easily. When we were working out the payment plan she reminded me to trust. Just hearing the word “trust” had me feeling a little more calm. I focused on trusting my plan, my mindset, and my ability to create my own future. (and I now have the money – easily.)

Be visible.

If you want something, you need to put YOURSELF out there. Stop hiding behind your computer and in on-line Facebook groups. Stop lurking.

Stand up and declare your intentions.

Tell everyone about your purpose and what you WILL be achieving. Talk to people. Build those relationships.

Slow down.

This month moved fast for me. Despite my distractions I got a lot of work done, worked a full-time job, and spent time with my family. I made an intentional decision to slow EVERYTHING down. Everything from walking more to changing the way I structure my discovery sessions with clients.

My discovery sessions used to be a half hour, I have changed them to be an hour of laser focused coaching for those serious about working with me.

What did you learn in February?

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  • Tara Newman Caryn, thanks so much! What you can't "hear" is my New York accent :-)
  • Caryn I really enjoy your voice. I like the recaps (of your month) and lessons to be learned from them. I …

Pre-Launch Flash Sale

In a few weeks my new website is going live and I am SO excited.  While it’s not done yet, there is no reason why we can’t party like it is!

I have been working toward this vision for my business for 10 years! 10 years!

I have had to overcome all kinds of hurdles like being a frazzled mom to 2 young kids, surviving a financial shitstorm, health issues and giving everything to my husband’s goal of an Ironman finish.

Now it’s my turn.  I’m comin’ out (sung in my best Diana Ross voice) and we’re gonna celebrate!

Facebook Flash Sale (2)



Who’s with me?

This week I am offering a Pre-Launch special where you can get my Power Hour Package for $150! It’s usually $350.

Not only do you get that awesome discount of over 50%, I am also letting you buy up to four sessions.

Want to live with your head in the sand like an ostrich or soar with the sun like a phoenix?

Do you want to:

  • Reconnect with your purpose?
  • Know your priority?
  • Be more productive?
  • Ditch overwhelm?

In 75 minutes you will go from feeling:

  • Unclear of where to take your life, biz, and relationships.
  • Resistant to the next step.
  • Closed off to new opportunities.
  • Like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand.

To feeling:

  • Inspired to take action.
  • Calm.
  • Positively energized.
  • Strong and powerful.
  • Like a phoenix rising with the sun!

It’s totally possible.  I know how to get you the results you crave in this powerful session.

My clients get results. They turn their can’ts into cans. When we’re done, they know where they need to level up.

Here are common results from a Power Hour with me:

  • Ability to redirect negative thoughts.
  • Learn how to conquer fear and anxiety.
  • Immediate actions to get you started.
  • Belief in yourself and your purpose.

So if you’re ready to:

  • Boost your everyday performance and productivity.
  • Start a new career.
  • Take your biz to the next level.
  • Make your health and wellness a priority.
  • Overcome that fear holding you back.
  • PR the big race.
  • Then a Power Hour with me is the best place to start.

We get laser focused on your biggest road block and then we smash through it.

Most high performing athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs have coaches and now you can too. I do!

What you get:

  • 1-75 minute session.
  • Discussion and coaching around ONE challenge.
  • Follow up with custom action plan.
  • One week unlimited email.

You + me + your biggest pain point

We will uncover the real reason why you are struggling in your life, relationships, career or business. Then we strategize a few quick actions you can implement immediately to create momentum.


My laser focused Power Hour is yours for $150 and you can buy up to 4 sessions.

Power Hour Sessions

**Sale ends 2/28 so chop chop! Take action today.

***Email coordinating sessions details will be sent within 24 hours.

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  • Kristen This is so exciting, can't wait to see your business grow!
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